Body Wraps – Slimming & Inch Loss Wrap by Mother Earth Body Wraps

We offer a wide range of Body Wraps


Inch Loss Body Wraps

Mother Earth Body Wraps offer their own exclusive range of inch loss body wraps.

Weight Loss Body Wraps

Seaweed Body Wraps

Our mobile service will leave you relaxed after experiencing our seaweed body wrap treatment.


Slimming Body Wraps

Lose a Dress Size in just over an Hour…with our Slimming Body Wraps.


Cellulite Body Wraps

Mother Earths cellulite body wraps are the perfect solution for targeted toning.

Lose a minimum of 15 cm or your next body wrap is half price! That’s right, we are so confident in our wraps that if you do not get a minimum loss of 15cm over your entire body, your next wrap is half price.

Mother Earth Body Wraps are so confident that you will lose a minimum of 15 centimeters in total from your first slimming body wrap that we guarantee these results. If you don’t lose a minimum of 15 centimeters then your next body wrap is half price*.

Our contour body wraps are inspired by century old beauty rituals brought back to life for the modern woman & man…

The warmth of our contour Body wraps provides relaxation to the body, spirit and mind, whist treating the largest organ in the human body – your skin. The detox process is quite intense with the results leaving your skin cleansed as well as the bonus of slimming.

Indulge in a body wrap that also doubles as a cellulite treatment. Enjoy over an hour of relaxation while you minimise and lose centimeters from your body including noticeably more slender hips, stomach, thighs and buttocks.

The invigorating minerals and proteins found in our cellulite treating body wraps release toxins from the body and promote the reduction of cellulite leaving you with skin that is luxuriously soft, smooth and well hydrated.

Body Wrap Reviews – Slimming & Inch Loss

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